UNICAL NEWS-- Unical students will be allowed to stay in the hostel from January!


As a result of the riot which took place on the 27th of August 2011, many valuables were destroyed. Based on that ugly event, the management held a meeting. Some of the decision arrived at in the meeting includes the following:

1. An immediate strike will be held till on the 24th of October,  --- It was later shifted to th 6th of january 2012.

2. Every student including predegree students, part time, post graduate, final year  must pay the sum of N10000 else such student will loss his or her studentship

3. Every student residing in the hostel should evacuate from the hostel till further notice.

Considering the fact that there are no enough accommodation in calabar to accommodate more than 15000 hostelers, The school management held a meeting recently, where the reached a conclusion that  Unical student will be allowed to go back to the hostel immediatly school resumes in January.


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